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Our Technology

We invested over 1M in cutting-edge technology, allowing us to turn quick and accurate data-driven evaluations into actionable processes, while maintaining a 100% closing record for the past five years.
FairClose is the only software platform on the market today that has helped fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold, and wholesale investors to successfully complete hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions.

The processes for finding, analyzing, buying, repairing, and selling or renting properties are completely disconnected.


FairClose monitors and analyzes live MLS feeds 24 hours a day using your personal investment parameters, finds properties that meet your ROI criteria, and immediately alerts you to these opportunities.
Outreach/Offer Management
FairClose allows you to send instant offers to listing agents and sellers, and follows the property through various phases of the MLS process, enabling you to send messages targeted to specific actions, such as pending sales and price reductions. FlipXL also automates the workflow involved in negotiations and closing.
Project Management
FairClose helps keep your project on schedule and on budget by communicating with all parties involved in repairs and property disposition, and sending out reminders of tasks and milestones. FlipXL also helps you determine the best way to maximize your ROI by suggesting which repairs will add the most value, controlling material and labor costs, and determining the property’s optimal sales price or rental rate.

FairClose is helping real estate investors accelerate their businesses in a number of major markets today, with plans to expand across the country.

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