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Why Realtors Choose Invest SoCal

Invest SoCal is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced investors in the market today

Communication process

Our Founder & CPO talks about how we communicate with clients
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We have over 1,100 completed transactions and 25 years of experience.  Our no-nonsense approach has forged lasting relationships with top producing listing agents throughout Southern California.  We are actively looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with new agents, to expand and reach our goals.

We Outshine Other Investors

100% closing record, guaranteed closing 
We send our in-house inspector to any opportunity within an hour’s notice; no blind offers
In-house appraisers and contractors accurately and quickly evaluate opportunities 
No lowball offers; we provide you with a free appraisal and contractor bid to justify our offer price
We are the buyers; we make the final calls on the spot

Our Buybox

Types of Properties

Single Family
1-4 Unit Deal

Purchase Price

Up to $2,000,000

Minimum Discounts Required

Purchase price cannot exceed 75% of resale value (including commissions, 3rd party fees, and finder's fees)

Rehab cost and purchase price not to exceed 85% of ARV (After Repair Value)

Minimum return 10% ROI

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Submitting a property to us is not an offer to sell the property, and our obligation to purchase the property can only be evidenced by a formal purchase agreement stating, signed by both buyer and seller, and specifying all material terms to the transaction. We reserve the right to decline to discuss the property for any reason or no reason at all. Unless previously agreed in writing otherwise, we reserve the right to contact the owner of the property directly, and our obligation to compensate any person in connection with the acquisition of any property may only be evidenced by a formal written agreement signed by us, a broker licensed by the California Department of Real Estate and the owner of the property which also complies with all applicable laws, including the regulations of the California Department of Real Estate.
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